Virtual Gods – Phantom Lovers, Stream of Absurdity


2008. 10. 01. 10:52

It’s not really possible to estimate the proportion of the internet daters who hide behind such fantasy personalities locked in the circuitry. On the other hand it is also hardly possible to approximate (and it is even more probable that there is no point in doing so) those who tend to build up images in their minds and have feelings for chimeras consisting of 0s and 1s.

A plethora of personals and dating sites are available for those who choose this way of getting acquainted.

According to a survey carried out in the United Kingdom last year, 29 percent of the 3800 respondents of this online questionnaire had visited or used a dating website. The majority (over 90 percent) of these had even spent up to ₤200 in two years. 70 percent said that their being online ended up in at least one date. 43 percent found sexual satisfaction and 342 online then real life dates resulted in marriage.


  • spread – elterjedés
  • boundary –
  • to accelerate –
  • state – állapot
  • temptation – kísértés
  • plausible – kézenfekvő
  • a pletora of sg – vminek a bősége
  • getting acquainted – megismerkedés
  • survey – felmérés, közvéleménykutatás
  • majority – többség


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