Business Letter – Part 1


2008. 06. 30. 12:00

Working in an international environment does not only mean verbal communication. Accordingly, English is used in written form, as well. Writing business letters is in the focus of the month.

Sure enough, we all create a professional image
of the author of the letter we receive, and build up exactly the same up on the
other end. Such letters are supposed to express a lot, such as salutation,
referring to previous contact, satisfaction/dissatisfaction, making requests,

The body of our letter is expected to follow a
logical order and even proper language use so as to show our professional

You can
find a sample letter with the necessary instructions below:

BetToll & Co.
1234 Forsight Street
Humpshire, CO 56789

01 July, 2008

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform
you that we have launched our new range of notebooks to provide our customers
with smoother work conditions.

We really appreciate your
being our customer and your hard work in the field, in present and in the past.
So that you can be your clients’ and patients’ even greater satisfaction in he
future, CompuStar, in co-operation with PTF Ltd., has created a new line of
smart notebooks, which make data storage and access safer yet simpler. To have
a closer look at the new products, please, see the enclosed catalogue or visit
our website: www.compustar.com.

Our representative is
scheduled to visit you in your office 10 July, 2008.

We look forward to hearing
from you very soon.


Karen Fox

Karen Fox
CompuStar Ltd.
3567 William Street


  • to be pleased to – örrömmel tenni vmit
  • to launch – bemutatni, bevezetni (vmit a piacra)
  • smooth – lágy, (itt. gördülékeny)
  • co-operation – együttműködés
  • to create – létrehozni
  • access – hozzáférés
  • to have a look at – megnézni vmit
  • to enclose – mellékelni, csatolni
  • representative – képviselő
  • to look forward to – nagyon/alig várni vmit (utána gerund („-ing”) alak használandó)

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