The 10 best moments of the new Star Wars movie

I’ve watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m thirteen again, an eager-minded virgin full of pimples, who loves drawing in a checked exercise book with colored pencils.

My colleagues at Roboraptor have already analysed why the new Star Wars movie turned out so good. As I’m neither an aesthete, nor a film critic, I thought I would rather do something I’m good at (all right, I’m not good at this either). I searched for my daughter’s colored pencils, bought a Star Wars themed checked exercise book and I drew the 10 best moments of The Force Awakens for you guys.

Here they are:

1. The introducing sequence

After the usual yellow prologue with the levitating letters a giant spaceship swims into the picture, one that could cover a whole planet.

2. The Millenium Falcon

The first appearance of the Millenium Falcon resulted in a joyful murmur even in the press screening.

3. Kylo’s identity

When it turns out that the most evil villain of the new trilogy is in fact Kylo Ren.

4. The spacepub

The Force Awakens shows us the coolest pub since Mos Eisley’s Cantina bar.

5. The new superweapon

Evils of the new Star Wars are really evil. And they also have pretty evil superequipment.

6. Han and Leia

The coolest thing about the new trilogy is that they brought back some faces from the original Star Wars movies.The encounter of Han Solo és Leia Organa is both epic and humorous.

7. Space battle

Where good is good and bad is bad, space battles are pretty damn good too.

8. Lightsaber battle

Without any spoilers, in The Force Awakens J.J. Abrahms steps away from the lame magic sword fight and introduces the Star Wars universe to some naturalistic, sweaty, sometimes even clumsy swordplay.

9. The scenes, of which I’d rather say nothing more.

This one.

10. The closing sequence

The real popcorn catharsis. When you’ve been entertained to the edge of distress and you realize that this is just the first peace of a trilogy and you’re already excited for the next movie when you’re watching the last scene of this one.

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