Shame – This is how policemen are sharing food with refugees

2015. 09. 11. 10:24

A video popped up on Thursday, in which Hungarian policemen are “sharing” food with refugees.

The video was uploaded by Austrian green party politician Alexander Spritzendorfer, the footage made by his wife.  According to the description of the video refugees in Röszke camp are kept under unimaginable circumstances: there is hygienic equipment shortage, practically no medical service, refugees are welcome by only two volunteers, who themselves lack information.

In the video policemen are throwing bags of food to a crowd full of desperate people pushing themselves towards the food, as if they were animals waiting for their swill on the other side of the bars. The footage is from Wednesday.

The description of the video mentions that a 3-month-long period was not enough for Hungarian authorities to find a humanitarian way of sharing food. Another footage about the food sharing was uploaded to the Austrian Youtube channel.


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