Christmas joke


2008. 12. 04. 09:41

‘Listen guys, you all are really supposed to be downtown, but since it’s Christmas I’ll give each of you a chance to get in IF you can provide me with one thing on your person that is symbolic of Christmas.’

The first guy dips into his pocket, and all he could find was a cigarette lighter. So he flicked it and said
‘This is a candle, they light candles around Christmas time.’
So the angel let him in.

The second guy dips into his pocket and all he had were some car keys. So he dangled them and said
‘These are bells, they ring bells around Christmas.’
So the angel also let him in.

The third guy could find nothing in his pocket. All he had was a pair of women’s underwear. So he showed them to the angel and said
‘These are Carol’s.’


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