Don’t worry Mayor Kovács, Prime Minister Orbán will establish an industrial park in your city and bring prosperity!

Kerner Zsolt
Kerner Zsolt

¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 2015. 11. 12. 07:01

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (Orbán Viktor) is great statesman, possibly biggest statesman in Europe. He went to Nyíregyháza, great city in Hungary, to talk to the mayor and bring there prosperity. Mayor Kovács was very happy with Prime Minister Statesmans visit.

I know this because is see this on Prime Ministers Facebook-side. Mr. Orbán now communicates in english with fans and supporters, and woth english speaking magyars beyond the borders. This new strategy works very well, such as Orbán Viktor.


He went to Nyíregyháza, to talk about family values and heritage, of wich we magyars have very lot. Family too. He went to a stroll in the park with Mayor Kovács, and talked to him, that he will build an industrial park in his city. Orbán Viktor therefore showed the statesmanlike way of bringing prosperity to the Hungarian Vidék. Mayor Kovács was happy, as you can well see. He and the Nyíregyházians all like prosperity very much.

Now that no migráns is coming here, Hungary is a very happy and beautiful place. Come here from all around the world and definitely try the goulasch and romkocsmas, if you are filthy liberal peasant.

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