Full identity of BNP members revealed


2008. 11. 20. 13:07

The record lists a large number of people to whom it is prohibited by law to join the party because of their profession. The occupations of the members include teachers, scientists, doctors, nurses, vicars and members of the armed forces, and despite the fact that there is no ban on some of these occupations, it is still inconsistent with forefront public service to join an extremist party. The British government banned policemen from joining BNP in 2004. “Membership or promotion of the BNP by any member of the police service, whether police officer or police staff, is prohibited. This is because such membership would be incompatible with our duty to promote equality under the Race Relations Amendment Act and would damage the confidence of minority communities,” said Peter Fahy, Association of Chief Police Officers spokesperson and Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.
Almost all personal data of BNP’s 12 thousand members, including name, address, email address and telephone number is included on the alphabetical list.
Nick Griffin, chairman of the party said that although the list is “not new” it is “essentially genuine.” Despite that most of BNP members are anxious and fear discrimination Griffin thinks the leakage of the list was useful “in terms of repositioning us as a party genuinely made up of ordinary British people from all walks of life that will actually do us good.”


  • accuse with sg – vádol valamivel
  • prohibited by law – jogilag tiltott
  • inconsistent – összeegyeztethetetlen
  • public service – közszolgálat
  • promote equality – egyenlőséget támogat
  • minority communities – kisebbségi közösségek
  • chief constable – főkapitány
  • repositioning – újrapozícionálni
  • genuinely – hitelesen, nyíltan
  • all walks of life – az élet minden területéről

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