Labour Party conference: a snapshot


2008. 09. 25. 14:23

The Labour Party held its annual conference in Manchester earlier this week. Prime Minister Gordon Brown had been much criticised in the run-up to the conference because polls were showing an all-time record low electoral support. Private conversations during the conference are said to have been dominated by possible scenarios of how, when and who should replace Mr Brown.

Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister’s wife, took centre stage at the Labour conference to introduce the keynote speech of Mr Brown. She emphasised how immensely proud she was of her husband for what he had achieved and for his motivation to lead the country in turbulent times.

The Prime Ministerial address at the conference sought to reassure the party and the public about his leadership. Mr Brown expressed his belief in the great nation of Britain. His speech focused on two key areas: “A new settlement for new times” and “A fair Britain for the new age”. Hard work, effort and enterprise were said to be the core values of the government. The Prime Minister pointed out that the government’s task was not to provide, but to enable and that the government would remain committed to pro-market policies to do so.

(Source: MTI)

(Source: MTI)

Mr Brown said that our children would learn about the last week as the week when the world had spun at an axis referring to the global financial meltdown. He underlined that the Labour Party was committed to rock hard stability and fairness in society. In response to the criticism over his personality, he noted that he was serious indeed because there was a lot to be serious about.

In connection with stability the Prime Minister said that he and Alastair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, would attend a crisis meeting in New York. They would propose more transparency, manageable risks, responsibility, integrity and global regulations and supervision of the financial markets.


  • snapshot – pillanatfelvétel, itt: egy pillantásra, röviden
  • polls – közvéleménykutatás
  • scenario – helyzet, szituáció
  • keynote speech – konferencia fő szónoklata
  • turbulant times – viharos idők (gazdasági értelemben)
  • enterprise – vállalkozás
  • the world spins at an axis – a világ a feje tetejére fordul (spin, spun, spun)
  • transparency – átláthatóság, áttekinthetőség
  • supervision – felügyelet
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