14. hét – Verb + preposition (Prepozíciós igék)


2006. 01. 16. 11:36

Több ige után speciális prepozíciót használunk. Néhány gyakran használt ige ezek közül:

• apologize to someone for doing something – elnézést kér valakitől valamiért
Peter apologized to me for being late.

• apply for – jelentkezik valamire
Will she apply for the managing director position?

• believe in – hisz valamiben
Do you believe in God?

• belong to – birtokol valamit
Who does this fish belong to?

• care about – törődik valamivel
I don’t care about it.

• complain to somebody about something- panaszkodik valakinek valamiért
I’d like to complain to the manufacturer about the faulty tv I’ve bought.

• concentrate on – koncentrál valamire
Could you concentrate on what I’m speaking about just for a minute?

• crash into / run into / bump into / drive into – beleütközik/belefut/belebotlik/belevezet
Peter crashed into my car yesterday.

• depend on – függ valamitől
It doesn’t depend on me.

• die of – meghal valamiben
A lot of people die of AIDS year after year all over the world.

• dream about – álmodik valamiről
I was dreaming about him, when suddenly I got up; he rang the bell.

• hear about—hear of (formal) – hall
I haven’t heard about him for years.

• laugh at/ smile at – nevet/mosolyog valamin
Please don’t laugh at me.

• listen to – hallgat
Are you listening to what I’m saying?

• look at – néz
Look at that strange man over there!

• rely on – bízik
You can’t rely on him, he always promises things he never does then.

• search for – keres
She has been searching for her glasses for 2 hours.

• shout at – rákiált valakire
I hate when adults shout at their children.

• speak to / talk to – beszél/ beszélget valakivel
Could I speak to you for a moment?

• suffer from – szenved valamitől
I’m suffering from asthma.

• take care of – vigyáz valakire
Could you take care of my daughter while I’ll work on Wednesday?

• think about – gondolkodik valamin
You look a bit low. What are you thinking about?

• think of – gondol valamiről valamit (vélemény)
– What do you think of Shakespeare?
– I think he was a genius.

• wait for – vár
We can’t wait for her any longer, let’s go.

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