How to use it and there


2008. 07. 07. 13:55

We often use there to introduce new information.

Typical structures are as follows:

Something exists – There are many possibilities.
Something happens – There’s a football match every Sunday.
Number or amount – There are twelve students in this class.
With modals – There could be a problem.

We can use it to introduce new information. Typical structures are as follows:

Times, days, dates – It’s one o’ clock. It’s Tuesday.
The weather – It’s raining. It rained all night.
Opinions – It was a difficult choice.
Adjectives – It’s strange (that) we’ve never spoken before.

With expressions like:

It looks like…– It looks like it’s going to rain.

It seems/appears…. – It seems/appears that our new teacher is a man.

Referring back:

It refers back to something already mentioned:

There is a shop at the end of this street. It is open every day.

There can refer to a place:

A famous writer used to live there.

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